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   Awards         We did try the 786Kbps to see how lucky I might get. Unforetunately, stability was an issue, so I was not really lucky - just lucky. So far the connection has very decent and about every other month there seems to be some problems with Phoenix's DNS servers on the weekend for about 8 hours, so during those times I was unable to surf.

        Now comes the interesting part, Phoenix ran out of money, so MegaPath bought Phoenix. MegaPath was only interested in the higher profit business DSL customers of Phoenix. So us residential customers were cut off from phone tech support and only had email tech support. So how did they think I was going to email them with my DSL internet connection down? Modem dialup now that I am used to high speed? Those bastards! I'm glad I never needed tech support!

        So MegaPath's newly acquired residential customers know what we are worth to MegaPath and we only have to put up with this until MegaPath finds a buyer for us undesireables. I could always switch to a different DSL company, but since MegaPath now owns our contracts, I would have to pay the early cancellation penalty.

        After two months MegaPath agrees to sell us residential customers to Telocity. So maybe things will settle down? No way! Now my carrier, Northpoint, is out of money and looking for a buyer! The only good news in all of this is that my DSL service has not been interrupted or gone downhill! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you - for I cannot stand modem dailup connectivity for the internet!

        Here it is - on 3/6/2001 - Northpoint announces structured sale (whole company or broken up parts up for bids?) and that several undisclosed bids have been received. Will my DSL connection stay up? Stay tuned ...

        Telocity cut my DSL over (from my Phoenix IP to Telocity IP) on 3/16/2001. Previously, they sent me an email saying to sign in to their web site and check my migration date and so when I did this their web stie said my date is: . Oh well, at least I was notified of impending outage for web surfing and hosting my web site. When I transistioned my PC from Phoenix IP and Copper Mountain modem to Telocity IP and their proprietary gateway, the conversion wasn't too bad (they only left out 1 step in their instructions for WinNT OS, which I happened to discover when I read the Unix/Linux OS steps).
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