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   Awards         Needing speed, because I was no longer able to tolerate bloated web pages on a modem dialup, I needed to order broadband. With no cable modem service in my are yet, I ordered 200Kbps SDSL from PhoenixDSL last year with Northpoint as the carrier. I had wanted 416Kbps because had estimated my distance from Ameritech's CO to be borderline or just outside of 786Kbps reach. But, they would not put 416Kbps into the 1 year contract I signed, they would only put 200Kbps because they were not sure they would be able to get me 416Kbps. Ok, so they were being conservative to keep from disappointing customers at install.

        One month after faxing the signed contract order, Ameritech came out and installed a new line from the pole to my house and replaced old phone junction box on my house's exterior. I felt lucky that Ameritech came out after only one month because Ameritech has been in the news a lot last year because of very poor phone service response times. They were having record high amounts of new phone line installations and repairs and not enough technicians to do the work in a timely manner even with tons of paid overtime.

        After the Ameritech Technician installed the new line, he checked its integrity back to their CO. Success for my new line! I have now passed the biggest milestone for DSL installation. So many people have made postings describing how many tries it has taken to get to this point. I am very pleased that Ameritech was able to make it right the first time and I only had to wait one month for the new line.

        Two weeks later my Copper Mountain DSL modem arrived via UPS and then ten days later Phoenix emailed to schedule an install date for five days later. I made the appointment for 10am - 12pm and what do you know? The Northpoint Technician shows up on time and we are able to synch up at the higher 416Kbps speed! Yes!!!
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