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Hotel Reservation Form

To: (hotel)_________________________at (fax/e-mail)______________________

From: ____________________________at (fax/e-mail)______________________

Today's date: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

Dear (hotel)___________________________________,

Please make this reservation for me:

My name: ___________________________________

Total number of people: ____    Number of rooms: ____    Number of nights: ____

Arriving: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

My time of arrival (24-hour clock): _______    (I will telephone if I will be late)

Departing: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

Room(s): Single ____    Double ____    Twin ____    Triple ____    Quad ____

With: Toilet ____    Shower ____    Bath ____    Sink only ____

Special needs: View ____    Quiet ____    Cheapest room ____

Credit card: Visa ____    MasterCard ____    American Express ____

Card #: ________________________________________    Exp. date: ___/___

Name on card: ___________________________________

You may charge me for the first night as a deposit. Please fax, mail, or e-mail confirmation of my reservation, along with the type of room reserved, the price, and if the price includes breakfast. Please also inform me of your cancellation policy. Thank you.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Fax: ________________________    E-mail: ________________________